Administration Board:

  • Moshe Rokah – Chair
  • Eitan Akirov
  • Itamar Bartov
  • Shlomo Dushi
  • Tzvika Weiss
  • Reuven Sharf
  • Assaf Dekel
  • Liat Rokah


General assembly:

General assembly of ITKO held at least once a year, and includes all members of the organization. During general assembly, the members approve the financial records, reports from the auditing committee. The members are presented with the budget, goals and directions of the organization. 

Technical Committee:

Responsible for the principles and procedures of the competitions, advise in areas of training, qualifications and professional development and promotion of the branch.

  • Moshe Rokah
  • Assaf Dekel
  • Reuven Sharf

Judging committee:

Responsible for guidance and development of the team of judges

  • Tzvika Weiss – Certified International Judge, member of the administration board.
  • Assaf Dekel


Financial Committee:

Financial management of the organization

  • Eitan Akirov, CPA


Committee for public relationship, spokesman and capital raising:

Responsible for sponsorship capital raising, advertising and marketing of the organization

  • Liat Rokah – Organization’s spokesperson
  • Hadar Aloni
  • Kobi Azugi


Internet and Social media committee:

Responsible for building and ruining ITKO’s website and promoting the organization in social media

  • Pazit Dushi
  • Boris Kirzner
  • Valeri Sakharova
  • Ilya Sakharov
  • Liat Rokah
  • Shai Camerini

External affairs committee:

Responsible for developing the connections with bodies influencing the sports development in Israel in general and Traditional Karate in particular. Building and maintaining connections with Institutions like “Toto”, National Sports Authority, sponsors and organizations and institutions influencing Karate on international arena.

  • Moshe Rokah


Auditing committee:

Responsible to supervise and audit all other committees of the organization

  • Tazhi Sofer
  • Ami Segev