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Welcome to Israeli Traditional Karate Organization

Israeli Traditional Karate Organization is a registered federation and accredited by the Israel Sport Administration since 2013.

ITKO is the only representative of Traditional Karate in Israel, its mission is to organize and facilitate all Traditional Karate related activities, and is the sole body to promote Traditional Karate in Israel. 

Israeli traditional karate organization is a member of WTKF

The founder of the World Traditional Karate Federation is the late master Hidateka Nishiyama, and his successor and the world’s senior teacher of the Traditional Karate is sensei Avi Rokah.

On a world scale, Israeli Traditional Karate Organization is part of the WTKF, and Israeli National Karate team represents the state of Israel in international competitions – World Championship and European championships, which alternatively being held every year. 

On the state level, Israeli Traditional Karate Organization, holds annual Israel championships, internal federation competitions, concentrates the Traditional Karate branch in the youth and children’s Olympic games that are being held annually by the Wingate Institute of Sport. As part of the operation, federation also holds technical seminars, instructor trainings, and Traditional Karate Judges trainings to promote the Traditional Karate in Israel.

Since December 16th 2016, sensei Moshe Rokah is holding the position of Federation’s chairman and the official trainer of the national team.


What is Traditional Karate? 

Karate = Empty hand, hand without weapon, Traditional = Art that maintains and follows the spirit and principles of Japanese Budo.  

Traditional Karate is based on a use of the body as a single unit (proper synchronization between breathing, muscles and body dynamics) in the correct and most efficient way, rather than on use of physical strength or/and athletic capabilities.

In Traditional Karate the “Todome Waza” refers to the eternal search and constant strive for the perfect form that will incorporate an effective technique, strategy, and perfect timing.

It means that Traditional Karate allows every practitioner that can execute a good technique in a perfect timing to overcome any opponent regardless of the weight and height differences.

The search for the true Todome Waza is endless.


Our Trainers

Sensei Assaf Dekel

Dojo - Karate Hasharon

Sensei Liat Rokah

Dojo - Poleg Karate Center

Sensei Reuven Sharf

Dojo - Karate Spirit

Sensei Moshe Rokah, Chairman

Dojo - Poleg Karate Center

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