Hidateka Nishiyama was born in Tokyo in 1928. At age of five he started to practice Kendo that followed by several years of practicing Judo. At the year of 1943, he started to practice Shotokan karate under the master Gichin Funakoshi and reached the level of Sho-dan (1st Dan) in three years.

In 1951 he was one of the founders of “JKA – Japan Karate Amateur” organization and in 1960 have published his book “Karate – The Art of Empty Hand”. Soon after, he have immigrated to USA and have founded the AAKF.

In the year of 1985 he have founded the ITKF – International Traditional Karate Federation

Master Nishiyama have spent his whole life in development and endless search for the “Todome”, the single perfect technique to subdue the opponent. Through his whole life, the master have refused to accept the rank of 10th Dan, stating that the perfection that is reflected by this number is the end of the search

Master Hidateka Nishiyama have passed away in 2008 in Los Angeles, USA. He continued teaching up to two month before the event.

Several years after Nishiyama’s death, the ITKF have split into two organizations. One have continued to carry the original name, and the other one, that currently includes 54 countries and among them, the Israeli Traditional Karate Organization named WTKF – World Traditional Karate Federation.

 The senior student of Hidateka Nishiyama, who have practiced and learned under the master for more than three decades, is Avi Rokah. He serves as the successor of Nishiyama’s legacy, and as a world’s senior teacher of the traditional karate. Avi is holding seminars around the world and continues to preserve, develop legacy and passing the treasure of traditional karate to the next generation.